Dr. Patel provides consulting, via the Virtual Nudge Unit, to a broad range of Fortune 500 organizations including health insurers, health systems, biopharma, and technology companies. He has helped to provide guidance on high-level strategy, design and implementation of operations and research protocols, and led workshops to train executives on embedding behavioral insights within their company’s products and services. Here are selected examples of his work.


Increased customer engagement for insurance programs

Provided hands-on assistance for a fast-growing technology startup on how to use nudges within their platform’s loyalty program which is used within health insurance and life insurance programs across the United States

Improved clinical trial enrollment by biopharma

Provided guidance for a Top 5 pharmaceutical company to increase the efficiency of clinical trial enrollment and long-term monitoring


Increased impact of wearables on employee health

Established a behavioral engagement program for a large technology company that was implemented along with the use of wearable to increase device utilization and changes in health behaviors related to physical activity, weight loss, and sleep

Developed a remote-monitoring program for cancer patients

Provided guidance for a large biopharma company on using wearables to remotely monitor cancer patient behaviors and treatment response


Designed a workplace wellness program

Developed a strategic plan and implementation guide for a major technology company to incorporate behavioral insights into the design of a workplace wellness program

Executive level training

Conducted workshops and provided onsite training on behavioral economics and gamification design

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